Le Panier

Our second home travel celebrates Chinese New Year!

Discover traditions and customs of this very special time of the year, which is paced by an activity that reunites friends and families all around the country: the making of Jiaozi (dumplings).

Their making symbolizes the passing to a new cycle and invites you to a delicious and joyful moment!

#2 — Chinese New Year

Your travel’s kit contains:

– A bamboo steam basket (9 inches).
– Three booklets to guide through your travel:
One tells you about traditions of the Chinese New Year, one guides you through the making of the dumpling dough and fillings, and another one tells you all about cooking and dipping sauce.
– A 15 grams bag of dried shiitakes (mushrooms) to make the fillings.
– A 20 grams bag of black mushrooms to make the fillings.
– A 20 millimeters flask of black rice vinegar and sesame oil to make the sauces.
– A secret envelope to bring you fortune and prosperity this year!

Delivery of your home travel:

– You can retrieve your Panier at our office on weekdays, at usual business hours (rue des Petites-Ecuries, in Paris). Email-us at contact@salive.paris to make an appointment. (23€)

– Your home travel can be sent by postal services in metropolitan France (23€ + 8€ of shipping fees)

Have a nice trip!

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