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#1 – A Nearly World’s Tour from the Porte Saint-Denis to the Gare de l’Est

On the north side of the Porte Saint-Denis, there’s a neighborhood which within two centuries welcomed newcomers from almost every continent. This stroll starts in Far-East and leads you in 5 steps to West Africa, some stopovers in Mediterranean region are also planned!

#2 – Luncheon of the Boating Party

There’s no other district like the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, a real outdoor food court! This stroll takes you to five of the best canteens of this Parisian ‘Lower East-Side’ and invites you to lunch by the water : Taiwanese cuisine, Creole flavors, and olfactive experience at dessert, the banks of the Canal are full of surprises!

#3 – Bucolic walk in Charonne’s Village

Cobbled streets, secret passages and a lot of trees, this are the characteristics of this district formerly ruled by the Gang of Charonne! This strolls offers you a walk in a Village which is now very peaceful. Here the pizza chef draws its water from a Parisian well, South Americans arrived with their recipes and a duo of brothers conquer all hearts with their pastries!

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